Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Castle Controversy?

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When considering the topic of controversies, I surmise the Disney brand probably isn't on the top of the controversial list. Oh sure, they've had their share of internal controversy, and even a few public issues with "Animators Gone Wild". But overall, they've retained their family orientated image.

However, what happens when the Disney Fanatic community gets upset over a proposed new Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular? Disney controversy!

In January of 2011, Disney announced it's newest nighttime experience for Magic Kingdom; The Magic, The Memories, and You! An all new laser light show projected onto Cinderella Castle and featuring PhotoPass images and video of that days park guests. I was excited about the prospect of this new experience, and began delving deeper into researching all I could about it....until I could see it for myself :) 

I began to find reviews of the first showing, conducted during a press event for Walt Disney World Resorts® latest marketing campaign; Let the Memories begin, which happened to coincided with the christening of the Disney Dream! One comment I specifically remember was the concern they would be defacing Cinderella Castle, and it was all a cheesy marketing ploy. Those comments really resonated with me and set me on an eager course of witnessing this show for myself! 

Finally, the day had come for me to see what had initially turned some fans Mickey Ears sideways. My opinion; it was nothing short of the most spectacular thing I had ever seen!!! Disney Magic at its finest! Frankly, any negative review that had been cast in the direction of Disney's Imagineers over this show, I thought was obviously a perpetrator from a competitor in the amusement industry sent purposely as a mole to cast a grey shadow on absolute perfection! Just sayin'. 

All joking aside, I believe Cinderella Castle is more enchanting then ever since the advent of this show! Not only have I seen its daily show several times, but I had the opportunity to witness the amazing holiday edition, breathtaking! 

So, for the naysayers of THTMAY, I have to wonder, are you really one of life's "Disney Dreamers"?

    Daily Show

Holiday Edition 

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  1. I can't read the text on your site at all with the firework background.

    1. Interesting! I view it perfectly well, should be set with a white background, I'll get that checked! Thank you, John!

  2. I always have a wait and see approach when it comes to new Disney projects. I couldn't believe how many negative comments were out there before anyone had even watched the show! Personally, I love it! I hope they continue to add special versions to it. I loved the Holiday and romance editions.

  3. I agree! Thank you for the comments!

  4. THTMAY is one of our fondest memories of our WDW trip. Definitely a great Disney idea!!

  5. There will always be those who like to "stir the pot!" I'm a Disney traditionalist and I thoroughly enjoyed The Magic, The Memories and You!