Friday, September 30, 2011

"Walk This Way" To My Favorite Disney World Attraction!

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Hi! My name is Dylan, I'm 8 years old, and I love Disney! Just like my mom. But today I'm going to tell you all about my favorite attraction in Disney World, Rockin' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios! I like Rock n' Roller Coaster because it's super fast and super cool! My favorite part is the very beginning when the ride launches you out.

I didin't always like RRC. My first ride was in the very very back, and it was very very loud, and I was only 6. I didn't try it again until I was 8. I was still a little scared and actually got out of line. A nice man took me to the exit where my mom would get off. When my mom was done and met me at the exit, I decided to give it another chance. A nice Cast Member lady named Kitty heard me say I was ready, and she took us through a special hallway back to the front of the line! Kitty also gave me a special FastPass that I could use on any ride in Hollywood Studios that I wanted!! Mom says this is called a "Magical Moment". Another nice Cast Member put us in the middle, she said it wasn't as scary there. So I rode it and I loved it!! Now its my favorite attraction. I still don't like how loud they have the crazy music. But I do like seeing my photo at the exit. I think everyone should try RRC at least one time.

My Rockin' Roller Coaster special FastPass for being brave!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Dream Anniversary!

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Teal. Enjoy the ride as we share the ways to Celebrate Special Occasions in Disney!

Any opportunity to vacation where Disney is a destination is Magic in of itself. Couple that with celebrating a special occasion while visiting, and it's not just Magic, it's Magical! So follow along as the Teal Loop takes you through celebrating some of life's magic moments- Disney style! I take the helm this week, celebrating an Anniversary aboard the Disney Dream!

Ohhh, the majesty of life aboard the Disney Dream! Just one step into Her Atrium from the gangplank and you already feel spoiled! But what happens when they know you're celebrating a special occasion on board? You feel guilty over the level of spoiled-ness! At least, I did. Having celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary this past May aboard the Dream, I speak first hand about the amazing level of care and attention to detail one will receive. 

Our special day began in Senses Spa & Salon, located on Deck 11, Aft. Here we received our first couples spa treatment, The Ultimate Indulgence. Upon checking in, we were whisked away to a private couples treatment Villa. These well-appointed rooms are designed for couples- and include- a private veranda, hot tub, showers, and staff. After a quick consultation we are escorted to the veranda to begin our first treatment, foot bath massages, ahhhh. Next, we are given a 25 minute soak in our private hot tub. Once this is complete, we are escorted back into our treatment room where we enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a massage and facial. While this was no doubt relaxing, I apparently harbor a great deal of tension in my shoulders. This "tension", or lactic acid build up, had literally hardened into small pebbles which where quite painful to massage out- who knew!! The last moments of our experience are spent back out on the veranda overlooking the beautiful Atlantic ocean. As we relax together in our chaise lounge chairs- a surprise- we are served champagne with a beautiful fruit platter, and extra chocolate covered strawberries! Included was a note card which read: Happy Anniversary! A pretty sweet beginning to a wonderful day on the high seas!

**Intermission** We grab the kiddos from the Oceaneer Club and hit the Aquaduck!

Bonjour! Bienvenue a Remy! Ah, our special day has brought us to the culinary masterpiece of the Disney Dream's signature dining experience, Remy. We begin with a Taittinger Champagne Cocktail mixed tableside. Which I enjoy, the Husband, not so much. We are greeted by our wait staff and introduced to the menu. Intriguing! I make selections from both the French & American offerings, and hope for the best. As a special anniversary treat, we add the wine parings for each course. For the full experience, I highly recommend the wine pairing option. Interacting with the sommelier was both educational and entertaining. Ok...things get hazy after a couple of courses, however, my French, got better ;) Lastly, dessert! Along with our dessert selections we are presented with an additional surprise; what a pretty sweet ending to a wonderful day on the high seas!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Magical Monday! There's an app for that!

What's new in the magical world of Disney today? How about- Disney Store goes mobile! That's right, now you can feed your Disney Store shopping obsession right from your ipad & iphone! This new app has the same features you love about the Disney website. You can narrow your search by size, color, even categories! Need to locate the nearest store? It can do that, too! This app even has the capability of allowing you to select favorite items and share them through social media outlets! Great idea when needing to get Grandma a Christmas list! And, you wont even need a new login , you can access the app via your website login information! So, don't delay, Disney Store Mobile is ready for you to be their guest, today!

The Disney Store Mobile app is available at the app store, or by visiting

Happy shopping!

~DisneyFaith ºoº