Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Does My Disney Future Hold?

Welcome to those of you joining me from yourfirstvisit.net and to those of you just hopping aboard I am the final stop on the Magical Blogorail.

As we enter into a new year a majority of the general population is making resolutions, creating their bucket lists, and in general, thinking about what this new year has in store. Me? Nah! I'm more interested in planning my 2012 Disney vacation adventures! After all, if the Mayans are right, this year represents our last opportunities to take in all the Disney we can! So, what does my 2012 Disney future hold...hum...

Let's start with what I WANT my Disney 2012 to look like, because I'm pretty sure most of my plans are just "Figments of my Imagination". However, it will be fun at the end of the year to look back on this post and assess which of my 2012 "Wishes" actually do come true. 

1. February 24th-26th. A quick weekend to run Disney's Princess 1/2 Marathon. Well, that got shot down. I've been reminded I've participated in six runDisney events in less than a year. The clock hasn't struck midnight yet! I'm still hopeful my carriage will find it's way to the ball, somehow!

2. Spring Break. Ah... no soccer, no dance, a chance to relax! 

3. A June adults-only cruise. This actually was the suggestion of my realist Husband, of course, dreamer me tried to play it cool, "oh yeah, that would be fun", inside my mind, however, "yay! yay! yay, yay!" 

4. Disneyland 1/2 Marathon. Just four days away from my Disney Vacation Club seven-month booking window!

5. Late September. Hopefully a girls weekend for the Tower of Terror 10-miler & International Food & Wine festival!

6. December. I'll keep the details of this plan to myself....for now ;-) 

Now, the reality of these plans.... I'll just have to..."Make a wish and do as dreamers do, and all my Wishes will come true!"

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  1. Sounds like much fun! Hope you get your Princess Marathon.

    1. Thank you, Mary! Keep your Pixie Dusted fingers crossed, time is running out!

  2. Everyone says the Run Disney events are addicting -- looks as if you're not immune! Sending pixie dust so all your 2012 Disney dreams come true!

  3. Kathy, addicting?? Call me an addict :)

  4. I loved reading your Disney Dreams for 2012. I am looking forward to following you through the year. :0)

  5. Thank you, Kelly! Welcome to the DisneyFAITHful!