Thursday, October 27, 2011

Food!!! Wine!!! No Kids!!!

Walt Disney World Resort® is undoubtedly considered a vacation destination of choice among families. And while I absolutely love going with the brood, I had to wonder if going without them could still be amazing. In short, the answer to that question is, "ah, yeah, are you kidding, going without the kids means I get to BE a kid!" all while enjoying grown up activities. So, let's take a peek at a perfect WDW afternoon just me & the hubby!

Series 2: WDW with my Husband:

Wake up to the peace and quiet of a Boardwalk/Epcot view, order in-room breakfast & enjoy it on our balcony.

Head to the pool and not worry about where the little ones are!

Enjoy a slow stroll from the Boardwalk to Epcot.
Funny every time ;-)

Spend the rest of the day sampling, sipping, and strolling World Showcase
during the International Food & Wine Festival! THIS is the absolute best part!

And to conclude the perfect grown up afternoon... Illunimations, Reflections of Earth!

Food!!! Wine!!! No Kids!!!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow....I go solo!


  1. Jealous!! I miss those days. Now it is toddler central for us. I will instead live through you guys.

  2. Mary, we've only been to Disney sans kiddos once, and Disneyland sans kiddos once. However, experience has made me hunger for more!!

  3. I can't imagine a trip without my little one... yet. Of course, I've been about a gazillion times without him, a few with my husband pre-baby... one day.. ya know, retirement :) Looks like a great time!!