Monday, June 13, 2011

The Magic, Memories, and You, Monday

My, how they grow....

Bay Lake Tower, December, 2009

                                    Bay Lake Tower, February 2011


  1. It is funny how fast they grow. Great pics. How was Bay Lake Tower, we really want to stay there next.
    I'm a new follower too.

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  2. Diane, aka..Can Do It Mom ;-) We love Bay Lake Tower, it is one of our 'home resorts' through DVC. In fact, I have a blog post about it on my site, check it out! The "Ear" in review: Part One: Bay Lake Tower. And I'm following you, too!

  3. Great pic...although being a typical unobservant male, I did not notice a difference at first lol:)

  4. I will admit, you do have to look closely to really see a difference :-)